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How Much Does the North Dakota Medical Marijuana Card Cost?

The North Dakota medical marijuana program issues both electronic and physical MMJ cards to patients and caregivers enrolled in the program. To get a North Dakota medical cannabis card, a patient must get a written certification from their medical provider and submit this document during their registration. Before certifying a patient, a healthcare provider must confirm that they have one of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in North Dakota.

Cost of Physician Consultation

When registering to join the North Dakota medical marijuana program, a patient must provide the name and email address of the medical provider who agreed to certify them. Only after the provider certifies the patient can their registration proceed. According to North Dakota’s medical marijuana law, patient certifications must be issued by physicians and physician assistants licensed by the state’s Board of Medicine as well as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) licensed by the North Dakota Board of Nursing. A certifying provider must have a bona fide patient-provider relationship with the patient they are recommending for medical cannabis. The provider may charge for the appointment leading to certifying the patient. The cost of such a consultation usually varies from $100 to $350.

North Dakota Medical Marijuana Card Fee

The cost of applying for a patient medical marijuana card in North Dakota is $25. The state offers both an electronic registry ID that is immediately available upon registration and a physical registry ID mailed to the patient’s address. There is no application fee for caregivers. Background checks are required of caregivers when they apply as well as every two years. The North Dakota medical marijuana program bears the fees for state and federal background checks. However, a caregiver must pay for fingerprinting if required for a criminal history check.

North Dakota charges $25 to renew a patient medical marijuana registration and card. It charges the same fee to replace a lost or stolen card, but $5 for other reasons to request a replacement, such as a name change.

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